Why did the Toronto Police kill Sammy Yatim?

I know I’m generally talking about the positives of Canada but I thought this news that’s circulating about Sammy Yatim’s death was worthy to be mentioned.

I am not astonished one bit because I truly believe the Toronto Police do this all the time, intentionally hurt and maim people- and I worry for young teenage boys the most. I know teens cause trouble, but the Police don’t seem to think that these “suspects” or “criminals” are actually people too.

They say they “serve and protect” and yes I believe the good cops do this, but I truly believe you have some racist, ungodly, and inhumane police officers out there that if they get the chance will send anybody’s child to the grave. So this Sammy case is simply one of their most recent case that happen to make the news, because someone had a chance to video tape. What about the ones that aren’t caught on camera? It’s too bad we don’t have a real democracy where the mass’ opinions mattered and we were able to easily change judges and governments to do what we want done. Where is Justice when you did her?

Thank you for your response. Great to hear from you.

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