The Toronto Zoo


We love to bring our children to the zoo and the truth is, the zoo is a great educational resource. You get the opportunity to see and learn about animals from all over the world. Most of these animals we would never see in their natural habitat. One, because most of us aren’t as adventurous or have the interest to go off to foreign countries; and two, many of these animals are becoming extinct if they aren’t already. So zoos are great conservation resources for these animals. We just hope that while the animals are there they get the best treatment close or better than they would if they were in the wild.

On that note, my trip to the Toronto Zoo was quite interesting. I came to learn a few things: The zoo is a great getaway! I got the chance to venture into, what at times, felt like another country. I had the opportunity to visit the African Savanna and the African rainforest pavilion. I saw various types of snakes- the Python and the Viper. I saw Rhinoceros and Hippopotamuses, Cheetahs, Zebras; but the baboons and the gorillas captivated my interest the most. At times I felt sorry because they were in a cage; but while observing the gorillas about 10 of them, I saw them playing and eating and I thought maybe they were happy. It’s hard to tell. One gorilla came right up to the glass where we were staring and he/she smacked it and ran away. I wish I knew what that meant. There was another gorilla on the other side and I have no idea if it was an accidental smack…or was he playing around. I was startled.

I picked up the “Adopt An Animal” package and considered sponsoring an animal. It seems like a worthy cause. I’m thinking about adopting the Gorilla. If these animals have to stay in a Zoo I would want to know they are well taken care of.

Looking at the elephants was like a tragedy. There was only one and if I had to guess I would say this one was very sad. Its skin was so dehydrated. How do I know this? My trip to the African Lion Safari taught me a lot because I was more fascinated with the elephants than any other animal and I had the opportunity to touch the them. So looking at this lonely dried up elephant at the Toronto Zoo wasn’t impressing me. This one needed a bath! And some company! Is this better treatment than in the wild? I don’t know and I won’t judge.

After leaving the African part of the Zoo, with all that walking my feet were hurting. I wasn’t looking forward to doing anything more than go home, but I was drawn to visit the Canadian domain. Animals like the grizzly bear, the elk, the Canadian cougar among others were on display. That was another hour’s walk uphill and downhill.

I was sure I was going home now- but the gorillas stopped me mid way because they were now outside, some relaxing on swings others were walking around and standing proudly as if he/she wanted the crowd to take pictures. So I did while the animal posed.

I had the chance to see the IndomalayaIMG-20130801-WA0024

site where butterflies were fluttering everywhere. At this point, after almost 4 hours of walking, I could not go any further. I skipped the last site, the Americas. That will have to wait until another visit.

I mostly enjoyed the fact that I felt like I was in another part of the world. Although I was physically tired, mentally I felt rejuvenated because I had some solitude with the animals. This trip was worth it.

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