Dinner and Movie experience

I know this is so typical of most people’s experience in Canada I wonder if it’s worth talking about. Still I will do my best to make it as entertaining as possible.

Upon arriving at Highway 400 and Weston area, I can see the large colosseum reaching over the highway. It looks like a strange edifice from some other epoch, or like a spaceship, but it’s really only a movie theatre. You will soon realize when you see giant displays of movies and their viewing time. Around the same area, you have restaurants galore. It’s the thing to do here- eat! First we walk into Jack Astor’s, after debating on which would make an ideal spot to eat and would suit our moods. The greeters at the front twist and turn seeming unsure about how to do their jobs. Other customers are waiting for a table, but the greeters are unaware that we have just entered and ought to be served. We wait until noticed. “Hi, can I help you?” “Table for two please” “Sorry the wait will be about 15-20 minutes”. At that point, I was already looking out the door for some other choice of restaurant. Spoon and Fork serves japanese/thai food and it was only steps away. We entered and notice others are waiting. “The wait will be 30 mins”. The greeter stated. It’s not even the weekend, it’s only Thursday why the long waits?

We leave the restaurant and made our way to Chili. We observed exceptional customer service and the best part is that we were seated right away. We noticed there drink menu had something called, Caribbean medley and Reggae splash. That alone strikes up conversation with the waitress. On cue, my friend promptly mentioned that I only returned from Jamaica just the day before. “I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica” the waitress said. “Go!” I tell her.

“How was the trip?”

“It was amazing! Such a beautiful country. You should check out my blog!” I tell her.

I proceeded to write the website on paper and when she returned I gave it to her. Dinner arrived. For me, I received quesadilla with bacon and rice with beans on the side. My friend received soft tacos. I felt my quesadilla had too much inside- I should have ordered the vegetarian one. I stuffed my mouth anyway and since I was already too full, I asked for a takeout container to place my rice with the beans- I may not feel like cooking so I could have it for lunch tomorrow.

We were in a rush because we wanted to catch the 9:40 movie, “After Earth”. We entered the large edifice, instead of joining the line to pay for our ticket- again, why is there such long lines? It’s Thursday! It’s not a holiday. We decide to use the kiosk to pay for our ticket. The computer asks the movie you are interested in, the time, the amount of people and then gives you the price. You can pay by debit credit or gift card. I choose the gift card option since I’ve had it since last Christmas. The cost is $11.99.

We look over at the long lines at the ticket counter and smiled. We made our way towards the gates, someone takes our ticket and returns a strip of it to us. The previews were still going on. The Theatre wasn’t pack either so we choose seats at the top rows in the centre. No popcorns or beverage which often is part of the movie experience, but we just ate dinner. Our movie theatre is not as interactive as other countries. Most often, in Canadian theatres people quietly enjoy the movie. No unusual outburst, unless it’s done in unison. Everyone felt a need to gasp, wherein you don’t hear anyone but the person next to you.

Upon the end of the movie, normally lights go on and everyone make their way towards the exit. This time, my friend had to use her flashlight to make our way down the steps. Yes this is still Canada we’re talking about! But I suppose even here we have malfunctions from time to time. We walked out of the theatre safely into puddles and lots of rain. Will this rain ever stop? Like it’s no longer spring! Ok Summer doesn’t start until June 21, but we don’t have to wait til then to have consistent sunshine do we, Canada?

All in all, a typical Canadian experience, but it’s always great when you get together with friends over food and movie!

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    • Hi Sim, it’s been 7 years, but thank you for your comment, happy I made you laugh. Keep reading my blogs and your comments are appreciated.


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