Day Two: Rest day

Beautiful. Breezy. Sunny. Those are the words I would use to describe my Jamaica. My second day was used for resting. I was awoken at 7am in the morning- and already the sun was bright. The moment I woke up I feel an urgency to take a shower and to start my day.

The Tea….I could drink tea all day. I watch my cousin walk into his backyard to cut a piece of peppermint from the tree. He brings it inside, wash it and place it in a tupperware. He boils water in the kettle and pour it on the leaves, then allows it to steep. Five minutes later and I’m drinking fresh peppermint tea- even the aroma is strong and enticing.

I stay inside most of the day, with both doors open so the cool breeze flow in. I sit on a bench in the backyard to read my book, “419”. By three o’clock I am tired and I take a nap.

When I awake two hours later, it’s raining. It is more refreshing and is like a welcomed guest in this hot climate.

By evening, I attend bible study. The pastor told me to be there for 7pm. So I was getting antsy when my cousins were taking longer to leave. The drive was only five minutes. When we arrived, 15 minutes later, there were only four members and there was no pastor. My cousins wait with me to make sure all was well. One member came out to speak with us and they provided the pastor’s number. No response. Twenty minutes later, all the leaders arrived, including the pastor. I introduced my cousin and the pastor introduced his wife and other leaders.

By the time, the study started, everyone suddenly arrived. So…this thing we call “Jamaican time” is no myth after all.

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