Life’s canon balls

Life throws many canon balls at us that it makes me wonder, how am I going to dodge them all? I’m only just starting out my life, and I’m beginning to wonder how many hits am I going to have to suffer? Already, I have had a few slight blows but nothing severe to knock me out, mostly because for most of my life, I’ve had others to shield the major hits from me. But what will happen, when I’m left unprotected? Will I be able to survive?

I met a man, let’s coin him Ardashir, who was from Afghanistan. He’s only been living in Canada for eight years. He has two children and has been married to his wife for the past 20 years. In his country, Ardashir was an Engineer. He was an elite in his society. For 30 years he lived a life of comfort, stability, and security. He knew who he was going to marry before the thought entered his mind. And his parents already had the money to buy his house when the time came. Sure, his country was war-ridden, but Ardashir would be considered secure if asked by others in his society. Nonetheless, he moved to Canada with his wife.

Canada was not how he imagined. He had no support, no money, nothing. He assumed being an Engineer in Canada would be easy. Instead he found himself working at a Pizza Pizza store after one year of being unemployed. His heart broke. He knew that in his country, working in a store would be considered demeaning. Now, he has to do work there for his family of 3 and has been for the past six years. What a change!

Change can make or break anyone of us. And I’ve had a few changes in my life. I’ve spent my life studying- 22 years in total. I went to admirable schools: a Catholic high school for girls in Jamaica, a Catholic high school in Canada, as well as an elite University. When I graduated, and was not able to find a decent position; I had to work minimum wage at a summer camp. I felt humiliated internally. My heart sank and everyday at the job I had to deal with it. It was my only means of survival, and under different circumstances, I would have said ‘No’ but I realized money is better than no money. What could I do?

I had to humble myself and accept that I had just been hit by my first minor canon ball. It was minor because it only left a bruise and besides I still had support to fall back on. But what will I do when the major balls come? My pastor orated a sermon about Job, a very respected and honoured man in the bible. Job had gone through so much. He had everything and lost it all, but Job was still faithful to God. My pastor ended his sermon by alluding to us, to me, that I haven’t gone through anything yet. He meant that all the small issues that I’ve had doesn’t even come close to what Job had to endure. Today, I listened to my aunt tell her story. She told me of the pain, the hardship, the struggles she had to endure. She told me how hard she had to work, how many painful surprises she underwent. And how she got through it all by her perseverance. I wouldn’t have known that if she hadn’t disclosed them. It makes me wonder, what does my life has in store for me?

I will never know the answer to that question until I’m experiencing it. When I am, I will try to be like Job and like my aunt; enduring the pains to the end. In the end though, things will get brighter. Life brings its up days and down days, we just have to experience it without forgetting that it’s all in the experience. When life chooses to throw her canon balls at me, I will try to dodge whenever I can, but there will be times when I’ll get caught. Then I’ll have to make the hurt heal and continue living.

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