Road Hawkers

To Road Hawkers: Life would be so perfect if we could weed away those hawkers. These hawkers, as I’d like to call them are those that you see on the streets everyday. Not the people who try to sell you junk that you won’t ever use; or sell food to […]


In life, there are times when you have to wonder whether or not there is some omniscient force out there directing our paths. People call these things signs, or destiny or better yet, serendipity. So is there something wrong if you truly believe in such a phenomenon? Does that automatically […]

Peter- Patter

Words are hard to find sometimes, especially when you’re seeking for the perfect word to describe someone- How do you do it though, you concoct the exact string of syllables to eloquently woo my heart, without even trying- Before I’d leave the phone feeling ecstatic about the amazing depth we’ve […]

Where are my rewards?

A long time ago, I was told that Jesus Christ was coming back for His people- the righteous. Not just the ones in church but the ones that followed Him, kept his commands, and showed love to everyone. And I believed. I trusted that if I live a life based on holiness then I […]


I’m thinking about you, the things you’d say, the way you’d make me laugh, I’m thinking about you, today. My dreams and fantasies are many, Today, I’m wishing that they come true- Like a day spent with you on a beach, or a night in the countryside- watching the stars. […]