Who do you call for help?

“Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he brought them out of their distress” Psalms 107:19

My biggest fear happened a week ago. The smoke coming from the hood of my car forced me to stop on the highway. I was preoccupied on the phone – not in conversation, but in leaving a detailed voice note on WhatsApp. That was when I saw something out of the ordinary- the hood of my car emitting a tiny puff of smoke almost invisibly. I chalked it up to believe, “that must be coming from the truck in front of me.” You see because I never had those kinds of disasters. So in the midst of my biggest fear, I had to decide what to do.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Driving on the highway can be scary, although we often don’t think much about it- not until something happens. Since I drive on the highway for long periods of time daily, it’s hard not to miss the many accidents and the cars that break down. I glance them and without much thought continue in the safety of my own car. Being the proactive person I am, I get my car to the mechanic to have regular checkups. So since I just had one in April, I certainly did not expect to have any issues anytime soon. A year ago, I decided to get CAA membership just in case something were to happen. But, I really didn’t intend on being one of ‘those’ persons on the side of the road. Every so often though, I wonder, what would I do if that happened to me?

Pretending that it wasn’t happening was my first response. But the smoke lifting up ever so clearly, made me stop what I was doing as I looked in confusion. Was this the time to stop? I called a friend- twice! No response. I called a parent, call declined. I called another friend, voicemail. That’s when I called Jesus. “Lord, help me!” I couldn’t pull over where I was. I was merging unto another highway and there was not much curb room. “Lord, what must I do?” “Please let me drive unto the ramp and unto the next highway!” But, when the smoke was heavier now, I had to decide. “Lord, should I stop here?!” The curb space got bigger and I realized I had no other choice. There I was, broken down on the highway all alone.

Time to Leave

Thankfully, the moment I stopped, someone called me back. Turned out that my bestie was not too far from me, although it was an issue to manoeuvre to that specific area on the express highway. It just meant he had to drive further to exit to get to me. In the time, I called CAA and was waiting for my call to be answered. When my friend arrived, he checked under the car hood and rendered it, undriveable. The temperature gauge was sky-high and apparently broken leading to the smoke. I wasn’t the only car out there. Another car had flashing hazard lights up ahead. And an SUV was behind me as well. Was the day too hot for the vehicles? Well, needless to say, I was scared.

With my hazard lights already on, I moved to the comfort of my friend’s car as I waited for CAA. They would arrive in 30 minutes the caller told me. Once CAA towed away my car, we went on our way to my home. I arrived in the arms of love, comfort and support – and where dinner was being prepared for me. “They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven” Psalms 107:30

I could have never imagined that the thing I had feared would have worked out so seamlessly. Rather than fear, I cried out to God and he answered immediately. There was no delay. He sent the very same people I called to my rescue, and made me know that he was the one who saved me from my distress. I was in the arms of safety, I was surrounded by his comfort and love. And now I know that, He is a God who rescues his children from every trouble.

I know who to call first for help next time (hopefully there won’t be another car trouble though). Who will you call?

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