Jamaica, Can’t Stop Loving You

Anger, resentments, frustrations have been mixed with serenity, contentment and happiness. Some days, the mountains are my only solitary reminder that I am still in Jamaica. The heavy courseload, high-pressured environment, and overly competitive students are crowding my purpose for being on this island. Instead of laugh-lines on my face, the stress is producing acne. But, I am thankful that Jamaica has rolled out the red carpet for me this weekend.

Festivals, bammies, plantains, lobster, fried and steamed fish, coconut water, and fish soup; coupled with white sandy beach and aqua coloured water. This has always been my idea of island life, the kind I should have been living over the last three months. But, as they say, nothing before its time. Hellshire beach is the most popular location for Jamaican locals and sure enough it was crowded this weekend- with excitement and fun. I was in and out of the water like a happy dolphin and I had my little neice to share the excitement. We walked on sand, made sand castles, took a few gulps of salty water, watched the waves ebb and flow, observed the clouds float along in the blue sky, and watched the sun go down. It was a family trip, a long deserved one.

In a way, it was magical because my brother and I have not been on this island together for almost two decades; yet here we were, grown-ups, a bigger version of us strolling the beach of our birthplace. Life leaves me in awe everytime. But the moments are to be reminsced and treasured. Jamaica has given me many of those moments.

So I am angry, frustrated and somtimes I feel resentment because Jamaica is slow to roll back all the curtains and all the carpet at once. I am left to just take in one small moment at a time, and yes it leaves me deeply in love and in appreciation with this island. The heat feels like blood flowing in my veins. The heavy rainfall is like the first breath of air, and the mountains; that embrace me each day, are a reminder that this love, the one between Jamaica and me, is true.

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