The Beach Or The Classroom

The Beach Or The ClassroomI woke up with the desire to immerse myself in the saline caribbean sea, which I had enjoyed a week ago. I soaked up all the salt in my skin; and now I can’t wait to go back for more. The sea is ubiquitous, yet, it seems so far from me. My days are consumed with school, leaving little time for personal relaxation and enjoyment of the island. I can be content by the fact that I am surrounded by mountains and I feel the omnipresent island breeze, which makes me appreciate the experience of life in Jamaica. There is a spirit of calmness on this campus, probably because it’s May and most students are either studying or perhaps on summer vacation. Regardless, the stillness makes me think I’m in paradise. A walk to any part of this large learning institution and my mind is transfixed, and sometimes in a daze, as it is somewhere between reality and imagination. I often have to blink a few times, just to be certain that I’m not hallucinating this whole thing. In truth, a few months ago, I was browsing all kinds of travel books about Jamaica, and all I could do was imagine this experience. So every now and again, I have to remind myself that this is the real thing.

The Beach or the classroom Today, I had to choose between going to the beach and spending time on my Math problems. Already, I foresaw myself sitting on a towel spread out on the beach, with my study notes held down by a rock. While I use my sunglasses to block the sun out of my eyes, my head is engrossed in my math problems, and looking up every so often at the beautiful waves that kiss the horizon. I cover my notes from the sand, and the sprinkle of water that the wind keeps carrying from the sea. I take in a breath ever so often, and even though it’s hard to concentrate, I try very hard to both study and enjoy the view. It’s why I came here to do an MBA after all. I feel the sun’s heat piercing my skin, and I let it. I don’t often get to feel such radiant and potent sun rays, and I want my skin to soak up every bit of it before it’s soon time to go. I am so engulfed in the experience that I loose track of time, and the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean, and the far away birds chirping, lulls me in a nap.

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I finally awoke to what appears to be my study group arguing about a math problem, all standing at the board, as if observing a piece of art at the museum. I realized, this was not going to be the weekend for a beach trip. Math was taking precedence this weekend. In fact, I needed more help than anticipated and my study group ran for hours. Seven hours locked away in an air conditioned room, was not the way I had intended to spend the lovely Saturday afternoon. All my plans of going to the beach had to be cancelled, and the only thing I did when I came out for air, approximately 10:30pm, was to go home and sleep. My hope of spending time at the beach was washed away, and I’m simply hoping this is not a foreshadow of things to come.

…..but I’m still loving Jamaica…


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