Inspirational Mountain View

Inspirational mountain view A look from any one of the windows of my apartment will reveal a picturesque view of Jamaica’s beauty. The lush green mountains and the way they elevate to the sky is not to be ignored. It’s raining, like the sprinkler in the clouds is set on low to water the trees on this Sunday morning. Each time I look out the window, I am thankful because a few months ago, all that I’m seeing now was just an imagination. I am impressed how God listened to a simple prayer and made it reality over a series of months. My new apartment comes with a bed, the necessary appliances and furniture, a kitchen and a bathroom. Initially, I found it small, but after settling in, I realized it was  the ideal size for me. I am deeply amazed by God’s unlimited provisions and how He works on the desires of my heart and withholding nothing.

Inspirational mountain view Choosing to live in Jamaica has been a long time dream of mine- maybe I have the solution for the plummeting economy, or maybe I have a book that can bring hope to hopeless lives. For these reasons, which have been buried in my heart for sometime, I have come to see how God can use me. I am aware that it is not a path frequently travelled- leaving my home to venure to Jamaica to pursue higher education. I’m reminded of a poem by Robert Frost, taking the path less travelled, he says, has made all the difference. So on this journey of mine, I hope that this path that I have chosen will make all the difference.

Inspirational mountain view I am in awe though, as I look out the glass door of the balcony, the very thought of having a desk by an open window, except this isn’t a window, it’s a glass door, has become a reality. My want of being inspired by the beautiful scenery was not overlooked by God, he made sure, even that desire became a reality. The room is clean and has not been used much. The building supervisor said himself that he was surprised the  lodgings department had given this room to me because noone has occupied it for sometime. I know they made no mistake.

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From this little corner room, I will be able to see a view of Jamaica that many will never see, and I’m looking forward to appreciate it when I open my curtains each day. I’m hoping to enjoy it every morning when I sit by the balcony to drink my tea, and more importantly to use the scenery to inspire the author in me.

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