Mona School of Business and Management: Orientation Day

I had orientation a few days again. It was held in the very same Faculty of Law building I made a declaration a year ago that, “I see myself here”. As I sat down by the quadrangle inside the building looking up at the sky, I feel that this is where I’m supposed to be. Although I expected to pursue a degree in law and not business, just being in Jamaica on this beautiful campus makes me think it does’t matter which graduate program I’m taking. It is surreal that I spoke something out into the universe, and God made my desire a reality. The orientation lasted approximately two hours. They briefed us on the important elements of the program, they welcomed us and made it clear that we are the best of the best. And this program is the best in Jamaica. It is approved by the Association of MBA and as they say, only 2% of schools have this approval. In other words, I should be proud to be here.

I see the schedule  and there is little breaks in it. So from May to August it will be intensive.


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