Jamaican nuisances: Things that bugs me here

1. Ants:

The ants are not my friend. They go everywhere.. in my clothes, my food, they bite me and crawl on my computer. I hear they chew electrical cords so I have to make sure my computer is safe. They make rows on the walls but I have no idea where they are going- there’s no visible food source. Thet are on my cotton swabs. I had to go through all my belongings to get rid of them. There is something called Naphthalene balls- or (canphor balls?) That’s what I place everywhere so let’s see if that will keep them away.

2. Mosquitos:

I expected them but it’s not nice they leave big bumps on my skin. Let’s hope this vape mat works. It’s an electric plate-like thing you put on the ground and it is suppose to shock the mosquitos I think.

…that’s it so far- but this is only day 5.

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