Day 36- Day 38: Observations and Nuisances

1. I’m always sticky and dirty after a long day outside. The hand sanitizer is great but it adds to the stickiness. I started to carry around wipes so I can clean my face, feet and hands but what’s the point when you have to do it more than once!

2. Ants! They are driving me crazy. I can’t leave anything out even if it’s still in the wrapper. Just today I saw ants in my unopened pack of halls! Halls (the candy!) It’s not even sweet.

3. Security is everywhere. One annoyed me the other day when I went into a store with a half finished drink. “What is that?” “Water” I said. “Why you have the water?” “Because I’m in Jamaica and it’s hot” I’m rolling my eyes and wondering what is he talking about then proceed to leave the store. “A joke, a joke”. I looked at him and walked away to complain to my cousin. I saw security signaled to my cousin and said he was just joking. But I thought he was just annoying!

4. Cold beaches! Why must the water be so cold? Isn’t this Jamaica?

5. Beggars/PanHandlers/Squeegee kids- Whatever their names they are just annoying now.  They work in the streets and attempt to wash the windshields for drivers. They are very aggressive.

6. Waiting. I spend a lot of wasted time just waiting around for someone.

7. Prayers. I see prayers at the beginning of schools, at lunch, after lunch and at the end of school. I like this idea.

8. Crabs walk around freely even in your backyard.

9. Stray dogs are everywhere. It makes me sad to see them roam without anyone to care for them.

*will get back to this list when I think of other things…

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  1. I’ve seen tons of stray dogs in South America and in Africa, they are not domesticated and apparently some people interpret the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) saying that one is not to care for or feed dogs, so in Morocco they were treated with no respect. Cats are like squirrels. they are everywhere and they fend for themselves. It really broke my heart to see the way the animals are treated.

    Waiting…ha…Island time, take it in, we are in way too much of a rush over here. We are rushing to our demise.

    Cold water! Thats annoying lol

    Looks like your having a fabulous trip Shauna, thanks for sharing your experiences.

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    • Hi Brianna, its been 7 years since that journey but thank you for taking the time to not only read, but left your thoughts. I’m glad you could relate to my blog, being you are a world traveller yourself. Wow, I didnt know countries interpreted the Prophet Mohammed in such a way… it would break my heart too. And yea, I felt sad for the dogs in Jamaica. I’ve at times, fed them myself.. (in my most recent trips).

      I am still thinking of spending even more time there in Jamaica. I know you wouldn’t mind joining in the future. Yes, I love island time! (I don’t know where we thinking we’re going here in North America!) Keep your comments coming. I have allowed life to get in the way of my blogging but I’m back 🙂 I cant wait for my next travel journey. Stay tuned.


Thank you for your response. Great to hear from you.

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