May 26th: Church in Jamaica

The drive to Clarendon was lovely! Jamaica has great highways believe it or not. There isn’t much to really talk about on this day expect when I was asked to go up to the pulpit to talk about myself and what I do- working with youths at a detention centre. And with that experience, give advice to parents about how to work with their children. I felt a little overwhelmed here, totally unprepared but after a rough start I started making sense- I think. At least the only consolation is that the pastor was nodding in agreement and so were the youths in the congregation. I cannot repeat all the things I said because truly I can’t remember. I felt like I was jumbling everything up- I’m glad I came home with a point to leave with them and quickly made my way off the pulpit. All experiences are learning moments so I leave it at that. Good or bad, I may never see some of those people again- I think.

On the way home we stopped to buy mangoes- my my my…I had never seen a mango that big- an East Indian mango. I planted my whole face in the mango and could not stop until it was done…Yum! Yum!  

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