Day Seventeen and Eighteen: More volunteering

I never knew it would feel this fulfilling to volunteer. What brings me this joy is the serving aspect. Serving the homeless is an unbelievable feeling. Last Thursday I had a chance to go to the “soup kitchen” again- they served Rice and Peas with stewed turkey neck plus veggies on the side. For an hour and a half I was walking back and forth with trays. First to serve the food to rows of adjoining tables which seats about 36 in total. Upon completion, I went back to retrieve¬†plates from tables. There was another row of tables on the opposite side which someone else served. There were also extra people, who had never been there before, sitting on the stage waiting to be seated.

On this day, representatives from the Ministry of Health came to complete HIV/STD testing. So anyone that was homeless had a chance to get tested. Some of us volunteers went for testing as well, including myself. Now, I have my very own card to prove I’m negative…ha!

I just feel inspired to do more for my community. What would happen if every person went out to volunteer? I met a teacher who also comes to the church after school to give her time to the homework club, which happens at 2:3opm at the same hall as the soup kitchen. In between, the janitor comes to clean up and rearrange the tables for the homework club. Rachel, the head of this club also works at a basic school owned by the church. She then walks over to the hall and begin to work with the children- some of them also attends this basic school. Other students walk from near and far to get help.

On Friday I was exhausted! I had to cancel my excursion to Hellshire beach (located in Portmore, St. Catherine), to relax. That day I woke up after 9am. The first I’ve ever woke up that late.

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