Dreading your job?

What do you tell yourself when your job is becoming more than you can bear? How do you reason with yourself when you begin to resent going to work? You know you don’t want to get fired or quit. In this economy, it’s hard to jump in and out of jobs as we please, something that ‘Y’ generation has no qualms doing. But the economy is calling all of us to be cautious because we could be in a worse situation- Yes! We could be unemployed. So as bad as it is, thank God we have a job. Sadly though, that does not take away from the fact that the job is stressful, coworkers are negative, management is chaotic and the list goes on. If you can’t seem to see anything positive in your current company and there’s no more incentive to stay, then it might be time to leave. But you have to do it smartly.

To do so, you have to prepare the resumes and get them out there well in advance and hope that another company will select you for an interview and then select you for the job. This is the smart way to do it.

When you arrive at work each day remind yourself that it won’t be long before you leave. It’s just a matter of time before you get that better job, something you know you will enjoy more. In other words, you have to psych yourself up- put yourself in a positive frame of mind in advance because, if you don’t, one day a manager may put you in the wrong head space, and the way you feel at the moment may outweigh the consequences thereafter, which may cause you to loose it. Refrain from doing this no matter how good you think you might feel afterwards.

Instead, smile with everyone, let the things they say roll off your back. Just stay busy, do the job you’re getting paid to do- at this point this is the reason you’re working (to get paid), and when the day is over forget about the job. Focus on the new job that you’re looking forward to. Of course, you will have to take steps to get this new job. Wanting a new job and not working towards it is stupid. Send out as many resumes as possible, really put the effort in gearing those resumes towards the job you want- you have to be specific. Those cover letters can’t be a hit-or-miss, it has to be a HIT! When you know you’ve got this down, just keep doing it, even when you haven’t got the interview yet, it’s just a matter of time. If you want to go the extra mile assuming that you’ve been working at the internet job search for sometime, then set aside time once a week and go directly to the companies you desire to work at. Talk to the director or a person in charge. Let them help you with obtaining that wonderful new job you can’t wait to get your hands on.

The thing is, once you’re gearing your energy towards something you desire, your current job (which had all your focus) will no longer be unbearable, at least not as much. Why? You know why you’re going now (the money) and it’s no longer taking up any emotional energy, plus your mind sees that it’s not a long term thing anymore. Good luck!

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