What Worriers we are!

When the bible said, “If God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers … he will care for you”. What did the bible really mean? I interpret it as; we should never worry about anything, neither the smallest nor the largest. God has to ensure our safety or satisfy our needs, whenever we have them. This is my view of the scripture and since its God’s word, and His words aren’t empty, then it has to do as it says, God’s duty it to ensure that I don’t have to worry.

Speaking about worrying, last night after my shift was over I decided to use the gym at work. I wanted to get my 20 minutes work-out in and get out so I could go home. I was very happy with the fact that I motivated myself to work-out and burn some sweat. It was about the time I wanted to leave so I hurried to the door, already foreseeing myself driving and being home. But the door was locked! I literally could not get out as I did not have my work keys anymore. Moreover, the locks must have been changed as the door was never able to be locked before. My mind was growing frantic, as it entertained thoughts about having to sleep in the gym overnight. But I adjusted my frame-of-mind because I spoke the same words written in Matthew 6, “Don’t worry about these things…your heavenly Father already knows all your needs”. I know without a doubt that I would be rescued, it was just a matter of time.  Time, I didn’t want to waste though so I banged on the door repeatedly for someone to hear me; no one heard. I stood there and waited while twirling my hair, wondering should I be shouting like this? Or should I act professional? Do I have to wait for another 15 minutes when others will be ending their shifts and may wish to use the gym too? I banged and shouted even more. But I heard the bible verses in my mind again, “don’t worry…” So, I decided to get calmer and listen. It was then I heard someone’s keys, and I shouted, “Hello!!” And there a manger came to my rescue! God provided like He said He would and I must have waited for a maximum of 2 to 5 minutes.

God provides. Nothing is too hard for God. I could have easily worked up fear and anger within my heart but I refused to allow the negative thoughts to seep through and had an effect on the outcome. Such a simple lesson to learn, but when it comes down to the moment, it is often the most difficult to practice in our daily lives. In the spotlight, we are nothing but big worriers. We worry about tomorrow, the day after that, the week after this one, and the next year. We worry about our finances, we worry about being lonely, we worry about the outcomes of our children; everything becomes problematic and often we don’t try to do anything about it. We just enjoy the thing God says not to do.

Why are we like that? When God says no, we say yes. Is it because we think we’re smarter than God? Or we think He doesn’t know how we’re feeling? Does God see how frustrating it is for me to be a single mother coming from work with three children waiting for me? If God sees that I need a husband, why doesn’t He send one. That’s how we speak about God “behind His back”.   When I get like that I go to God in “prayer” and I shout at Him, sometimes I cry and sometimes I display my anger to God. I remind God what He says and I tell God that I’m starting to worry as I can’t wait anymore. The last time I did that, God did provide exactly what I wanted. Yes, I had to wait. Yes I had to preoccupy myself with other things to ease my mind from worrying. Yes, I had to constantly remind myself that God knows what He’s doing, He is in charge and I had to ask myself, “Am I not okay in spite the fact that I lack the thing I need?” And of course the answer is yes! God is still providing until He actually provides the thing we need! Ha, what an amazing God.

All in all, I know God doesn’t want us to worry, not for anything. He will provide the simplest thing we need and even those things we perceive as difficult and out of our reach. He just knows. And should He allow us to wait; it has to be for our own good. In fact, when I received my personal request from God, I started to wonder what life would have been like had he provide it for me a year before.  It just wasn’t what I would have wanted and so God also has to ensure that it is the right time for us. So, why don’t we just leave everything to God? Pray and do only those things we can and just leave the rest to Him!

Thank you for your response. Great to hear from you.

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