Highway Troubles, A look in the Spirit

There is a popular jargon which goes, “life is like a highway” but in the life of a Christian our spiritual life can also be contrasted to this saying. I taught myself how to drive on the highway but it came with many wrong turns, frustrations, and constant advice. I would have loved to have a personal navigator sitting in the passenger seat every time I needed to go somewhere; but would I have felt confident as fast as I did? I doubt it. In fact the first time I took the highway and made a wrong turn, late at night, I learned my lesson; or when I went in the Express lane when I shouldn’t have; I never made that mistake again. I was cautious when it came to signs and I was proactive. I commend myself greatly though, because there are many people out there that can drive but fear prevents them from taking the highway. Instead they drive the one hour instead of the thirty minutes it would typically take to get to their destinations.

On my first 20 trials on the highway, I had to get direction going to my destination and back. When I did not get direction and I thought I could do it on my own, I’ve found myself in countless places. There were times that I found myself headed towards the airport when my destination was work- and I don’t work at the airport. Most recently I was headed east of the city and I wanted to try taking the DVP (Don valleyParkway), but I went south instead; and found myself downtown. I arrived at my destination after two hours of travel!

What I’m alluding to is that the highway can be a really scary place and its worse when you’re not a risk taker. Tonight I fascinated myself because I was taking the Collector’s but then I read a sign that one lane was blocked so I decided to go into the Express Lane knowing that I should be able to get off easily at my exit. I later read a sign that the exit that I needed to take was closed and of course months ago I would have been crying because I would be going on a wild goose chase to get home. At the hour of 11pm I didn’t have time to roam the city when I needed to get to work early the following morning. Lucky me, I followed my heart and continued driving in the Express lane on the 401 W and found an exit that I had gotten lost on. I knew that road would take me home safely because I tried it before and it worked. I was not scared or worried because I knew what I was doing. I did not need to call anyone for direction advice because I knew the roads or the ropes.

Our spiritual life can be like that. While we’re new to the highway it comes with fear, challenges, and struggles. It’s a really scary place when you think of it. All kinds of scary vehicles are on the road with you and they all just want to get to their own destinations. The issue is that you have a specific destination and you have to know it. You can’t pick someone on the highway and follow behind them thinking that that person’s path will take you where you need to go.

At first when you start out you need advice to get you from point A to point B. But it’s amazing because after a while we grow up. We take the highway so many times that we understand how to plan our trip, when to go in which lane and at what time. We become savvy at paying closer attention to the signs because we realize that those signs actually are crucial in the journey. First you need to pay attention to those signs that dictates the road you turn on and so forth, but then there are other signs that tell me where the problems are and those are also important to follow. Construction can cause you to take a different lane.

God also gives us signs that we need to watch for. We’ve been in the Christian walk for a long time and as Paul says we are no longer babes that desire milk but we need to eat strong food. We can’t be depending on someone else for life’s directions, there are times when we need to mature and help ourselves. Be the big people we are. And we can’t be following someone else’s path because that is not our own. We also need to be quick with our decision making. The Christian life really is like a highway. When we overcome and pass every test and jump over every struggle we face, it is a joy and a testament. We are ready to do more for God, we’re wiser to help others, and better equip to get to heaven someday.

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