Trails of disappointment… I’m reminded when I glimpse back. My choice seemed rational at the time. Convincing myself was easy, because the path of solitude was no longer appealing. When the foreseeable separation happened, nothing I could do but weep.

I had desired passion, companionship, something lasting; but I settled- Convenience had convinced me, “he is here right now”- and my past relationships pressured me, “don’t let this one leave”. Fooled by my own thoughts and enamoured by him; my own path became invisible. My focus was centered on him. The things that were once exciting lost their appeal. How did I journey this far? In a state of wishful thinking?

Now each time I look back, I’m reminded by the trails of sadness. I became unsatisfied when my desires were unmet. There were nights I felt alone, when all I had was a lousy photo of him to look upon. Unrequited love was what it was- And all I wanted was for him to love me back. Now I must walk the lonely path without a friend to hold my hand, or his voice to comfort me- until I find the one I seek.

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