I’m thinking about you,
the things you’d say,
the way you’d make me laugh,
I’m thinking about you,

My dreams and fantasies are many,
Today, I’m wishing that they come true-
Like a day spent with you on a beach,
or a night in the countryside-
watching the stars.
I’m imagining us holding hands-
while engaging in an exchange of words,
We peer into each others eyes, to find the truth within
The words we share are deeper than what we think,
And today, I will know the truth.

I’m dreaming about you,
the way you make me feel,
the tears you’ve made come to my eyes,
I’m dreaming about you,

I wonder what it is-
that I admire most about you
If I look deep enough, would I find it in your eyes?
I recall many things-
Your usage of words convey eloquence.
Your ambitious nature that drives your every move.
Your robust build that reveals your inner strength.
Your inquistive persona that pulls out every detail within.
Are all astonishing qualities, I like in a man-
I like in you.
Today, I wish to know what you think-

I’m wondering about you-
Wondering about what you’re doing,
What you’re wearing,
I can’t help but wonder about you,

Do you think of me?
In every moment, in every chance,
in every breathe that you take-
Do you imagine me, next to you?
A chance to see my laugh lines,
the twinkle in my eyes,
the dimple in my cheeks-
Do you wish to see me, a God-made creature,
who was made for you, resting in your arms,

So, I’m curious-
Dieing to find out-
Are your thoughts intertwined with my thoughts?
Your wishes, my fantasies, are they somehow knit
Today, my curiosities are running wild-
Too fast for my own mind to catch up,
But my heart is destined to find out,
And I simply must know the truth,

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