Direct Circuit To The Universe

Yes, things work in mysterious ways but I’m starting to wonder if today, I have somehow uncovered the secret behind the mystery. It seems wildly odd that often what we think about most, randomly happens- and we are left in a state of puzzlement because we cannot completely fathom how the very thoughts we were thinking, appear by coincidence. Assuming then, that it was pure coincidence is as far as our incredulous mind will wrap itself around the event. Now, if these random acts of coincidence happens all too often, and to more people than you can name, how can this phenomenon be dubbed, chance or luck. Is it really?

The most recent ‘chance’ that happened to me went like this: I wanted to have a specific conversation with a particular person, Jon. Jon is a person I’ve known for several years, he is a father-figure to me, and his opinions are very important especially on the topic of religion; which in fact was the topic I had a quandry with. You see, for a month I had these pertinent questions that needed answering and Jon was the one person, I knew could assist me. Due to my busy schedule- I failed to make the appointment that I needed to make with Jon. I wasn’t even able to see Jon at our church, which is where I often interact with him. So ‘chance’ as you might define it, had it that my dear friend Jon, spotted me at a bus stop. Of course, I paid no attention to it- I waved to Jon who was in his vehicle and he quickly drove away. The following morning, my schedule allowed me some free time so I used it to go jogging. “Chance” again caused me to bump into Jon. In fact, I ran directly towards his house, and saw Jon mowing his lawn while his children were standing around. I knew that Jon lived nearby, but as I was jogging I failed to pay attention to the street names and so, was not aware that I was jogging on Jon’s street, until I saw him of course. At this point, these perceived random accidents had to be more than that. I had a divine predestined appointment with Jon. So, that morning I had the opportunity to ask him all the questions that were circulating in my mind. I got my answers, had time to spend with my spiritual father, Jon and his whole family.

This is not the only mysterious event that conjured up questions in my mind. A friend of mine also drew my attention to an event that took place in his life recently. He had scheduled a dentist appointment early in the year, but had failed to go through with it. He promised himself to re-schedule that appointment but because of his demanding work schedule he procrastinated. After several months had passed, he failed to make the needed appointment. This morning he finally decided to get his phone to call up the dentist. The moment he got his phone and was actually ready to carry out his very intentions, the phone rang. Low and behold, it was his dentist- calling to ask if he wanted to re-schedule an appointment. How bizarre is that?

It seems to me that “chance” is not exactly an accurate expression to connote these occurances. In my opinion, that word is rather minute to depict these heavy phenomena. It doesn’t accurately paint a precise picture of certain incidences in life that we think about and they magically appear out of nowhere. I am tempted to assume that these “interesting incidents” happened because of an energy that got through the circuit and made it all the way to the Universe or to God. And in essence, allowing the Universe or God to respond to our deep wishes. If this is the case, shouldn’t we use this amazing transmitter, the mind, a little more often? If all we have to do is focus on a specific thought and it appears, why don’t we intensionally do this more often, as oppose to doing so subsconciously?

Clearly, my theory is not exactly original because it has been said many times, but I wanted to explain my experience in a vivid way to help you see the strong influence that our “small” minds play in the Universe. How interesting!

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